Mini McGhee nurtures contemporary and vintage influences to create a modern Scottish knitwear and gift brand for baby, child and nursery. Our luxury pieces, inspired by traditional knitwear and handcraft skills, are made by hand or by local heritage mills and will become treasured keepsakes for generations to come. Buy well, last longer.

Made in Scotland and enjoyed in homes across the world, Mini McGhee inspires a return to the days when cherished baby items were handed down – brother to sister, niece to nephew, family to family. Begin a new tradition today and make granny proud.

As a knitwear designer originally from Glasgow, Nicola McGhee was looking for a suitable baby gift for a friend and colleague in New York that captured the spirit and warmth of her homeland Scotland. There were plenty of traditional baby blankets but nothing was celebrating the contemporary modern culture from the city of Glasgow, where she was born. Having studied at The Glasgow School of Art she was eager to celebrate this spirit and with that Mini McGhee was born.